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Do I have your Attention?


If you have ever witnessed a Tiger hunting its prey, you will have marvelled at its ability to focus its attention. It is fortunate for it can keep its eyes locked on its Target. Golf presents its players with a much greater challenge which takes you beyond the eyes and into your brain...

Prescription for Success


It’s not only what you practice but HOW that ultimately determines whether you achieve your dream golf goals, play to your potential, or perform as consistently as you like.


Pathways to Success



Comprehension ---->

State Management ---->

Attentional Focus ---->

High Performance Golf.


Your journey begins here....

Lessons for Life


Success comes to those who first conquer the powers of their mind. This is just as true in golf as it is in life.

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Training the Eyes, Mind and Body for Success

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An Evolution in Golf Instruction

Mind Mastery Golf and Target Oriented Golf have joined forces to offer the most powerful, unique and cutting edge training program ever devised. It meets the needs of all golfers, from beginner to elite level amateurs and Touring pros, from student to teacher. It combines accepted scientific principles of Biomechanics, Motor Learning, Learning (Memory) Theory, Sports Vision, and Sport Psychology into a single, comprehensive approach that trains the eyes, mind, and body for success.

While the science behind this ground-breaking program is complex, the drills and training is simple and can be applied by almost any golfer. Think of it this way. You don't have to understand the complex science behind electricity to be able to turn a light bulb on and off. You don't have to have a background in all the sciences mentioned above to apply their principles to your game. We've already done it for you.

If you believe that you could play better or more consistently than you do now if you only had the secret and utter those immortal words every time you hit a great shot, "I wish I could do that all the time" than I invite you to step inside and learn how the the Mastery Golf Method can help you achieve your dream golf goals. Let me leave you some wise words from a famous man:


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."


- Albert Einstein

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