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Mind Mastery Golf Mental Game Training for Golf

Having a 'clear' vision for exactly what you want to accomplish with your golf game is vital to your success. That's why the first step in your custom MIND MASTERY GOLF training program will be to set your specific goals and understand your 'core' purpose... the driving energy that will sustain you to the achievement of everything you want to improve about your game.  


Mind Mastery Golf Mental Game Training for Golf

Once your vision, purpose and goals are clear, we will design the ideal MIND MASTERY GOLF training program to most effectively meet your individual needs and objectives. Having an easy-to-follow plan that fits your schedule and provides step-by-step instructions to successfully guide you through your custom program is essential to the accomplishment of your goals.        


Mind Mastery Golf Mental Game Training for Golf

When we launch your MIND MASTERY GOLF training program you'll be establishing an accountability relationship with your 1-on-1 coach, Dr. Paul Callaway, to monitor and support every step of your progress and to assure your success at every level. Easy-access communication channels will always be open to answer your questions, enable program advancements, and to help you stay on target with your goals.  


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Meet Dr. Paul Callaway...

Dr. Paul Callaway is a golf-specific Certified Sports Psychology Coach (CSPC) and the founder of MIND MASTERY GOLF. 

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin (1982), Paul began his professional career as a Licensed Physical Therapist specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine. 

In 1984, Paul became the 1st Director of Golf Fitness on the PGA Tour (1984-87).

Working with over 250 the world's best players on tour, Paul quickly learned that the golf mental game  and the 'mind-body' connection were vital elements to enabling elite golfers consistently play to their fullest potential... and there was never a better example of how our golf 'mind' influences our golf 'body' than what Paul learned from Jack Nicklaus during the 1986 Masters. 

Paul was working with Jack all tournament to help him swing more comfortably. But, when Jack arrived for his final session in the PGA Tour mobile fitness center to get his golf 'body' in top working order before teeing it up on Sunday, Jack shared something with Paul that he had never shared in previous meetings. 

Instead of merely reporting, as usual, the key 'physical' stress areas to focus on during his session, Jack also revealed something very special about his golf 'mind'... a direct insight into how he mentally approached every round, and what Paul soon understood to be the 'secret ingredient' for what made Jack the best player in the world! 

                                         ==>  Dr. Paul Callaway's Favorite Career Experience <==

What Jack Nicklaus specifically mapped out for Paul during his treatment session on that Saturday evening before winning his record-setting 6th Masters, was his shot-by-shot, hole-by-hole strategy for how he would play his round the next day. He had his entire game plan worked out to the smallest detail for how he intended to shoot a 7-under par round of 65... the score he believed he needed to win by one stroke, to be crowned the Master's Champion and, once again, put on the green jacket at 46 years of age.  

In the same moments that Paul was helping Jack to reform his golf 'body' Jack was also working to reform his golf 'mind'. Paul experienced, first-hand, why Jack Nicklaus won more major tournaments than anyone else in history. It wasn't by chance or luck. Jack first formed the winning 'image' in his 'mind' and then he moved his mental image into 'physical' form through, what Paul now fully understands as, the Law of Attraction! 

The next day, Jack went out and shot 65 to win by one stroke! He turned his thoughts into results by mastering his golf 'mind' to master his golf 'body' and his golf 'swing'... 

Jack Nicklaus was a 'Mind Master'! 

Jack Nicklaus taught Paul about the importance of mastering our golf 'mind' to master our golf 'body', our golf swing and our total golf performance. And, it was the 1986 Masters learning experience and Jack's success formula for winning golf that helped Paul understand the secret ingredient for all golfers to play winning golf. When you properly and completely blend the essential golf performance elements of your golf 'mind' with your golf 'body' then your golf 'swing' will be prepared to perform at your fullest potential - especially under pressure! 

Although Paul's resume includes professional golfers like Jack Nicklaus, Raymond Floyd, Tom Kite, Tom Watson,  Davis Love III, and Tiger Woods (to name just a few), his true passion is helping golfers of 'all' ages and experience levels to enjoy more rapid and total improvement of their game through the integration of his MIND MASTERY GOLF mental game training products and services.

With his integrated 'mind-body-swing' philosophy as the foundation to Paul's golf mental game training and custom coaching programs, he has now helped over 30,000 amateur and professional golfers consistently perform at their highest levels for the past 30 years! This is what Dr. Paul is now making available to you in MIND MASTERY GOLF!

The application of his MIND MASTERY GOLF principles in the form of 1-on-1 or Small Group Coaching, Performance Workshops and Seminars make Dr. Paul Callaway, PhD an excellent choice as the featured speaker for your upcoming Executive Retreat, Sales Meeting, Customer Appreciation Event, Lunch/Dinner Talk, Golf Tournament, and more. His golf mental game training presentation will be tailored to your specific event objectives and needs.

Paul Callaway, PhD
Paul Callaway, PhD


"MIND MASTERY GOLF has made a profound influence on my confidence when I play."

Amateur golfer testimonial about Dr. Paul Callaway's MIND MASTERY GOLF Mental Game Training Series

John Olaes, Chicago, IL

"MIND MASTERY GOLF helped me get rid of negative thoughts on the golf course."

Amateur golfer testimonial about Dr. Paul Callaway's MIND MASTERY GOLF Mental Game Training Series

Carol Gouty, Chattanooga, TN

'If golf is your passion then MIND MASTERY GOLF is a must!"

Amateur golfer testimonial about Dr. Paul Callaway's MIND MASTERY GOLF Mental Game Training Series

Dr. Terry Sandroff, Arlington Heights, IL

"MIND MASTERY GOLF makes so much sense!"

Amateur golfer testimonial about Dr. Paul Callaway's MIND MASTERY GOLF Mental Game Training Series

Sally Rosin, Milwaukee, WI

"MIND MASTERY GOLF has helped me drop my handicap from 12 to 9!"

Amateur golfer testimonial about Dr. Paul Callaway's MIND MASTERY GOLF Mental Game Training Series

Steve Stern, Naperville, IL

"MIND MASTERY GOLF has helped me play the most consistent golf of my life!"

Amateur golfer testimonial about Dr. Paul Callaway's MIND MASTERY GOLF Mental Game Training Series

Andrew Abel, Illinois Wesleyan University

2019 D3 NCAA Champions

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